Saturday, March 27, 2010

Baby Shower Game

This was a really fun baby shower game!  I received a large pickle or olive jar (institutional size) from my wonderful sister, Tricia!  I filled it with bunches of little things for the new baby and the new parents.  Some things that I put in this jar were bath toys, baby wash cloths, hand sanitizer, q-tips, suckers with tags for each of the parents, a matchbox car, a bottle, wipes, teething ring, toy link, baby spoons, mini-first aid kit, on the go juice packets, and ...  because my brother, Bill, the new Daddy, is a super hero fanatic... a spiderman mini-ice pack, and spiderman socks!  I then added the blue polka dot fabric top with ribbon.

We passed the jar around for the women at the party to look at, and they could only look at it for 10 seconds each!  Then guess how many items were in the jar!  It was a fun game and the new mommy, Rachael, got to keep the jar of goodies!

You could use this idea for a bridal shower or centerpiece for an over-the-hill birthday party too!

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  1. LOVE IT ~I am planning a baby shower for my son's girlfriend this is the first one i have thrown and i am totally lost as how to do it ,how to decorate etc.
    Thanks so much
    Cathy M.


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