Monday, December 20, 2010

Job Scam

Sometimes you can recognize a scam when you see it.  Like a job offering you $100,000, work from home, make your own hours!  I assure you, you probably have to buy something and then you have to build your own client base.

Other times, however, they are not quite so easy to recognize.  A recent job offer on Craigslist showed a job for someone to pack boxes and run company errands for a little over $10 per hour.  Seems reasonable and legitimate.  It wasn't, here's why...

Upon responding to this listing, the applicant is sent an email such as this:

"Thank your for your interest in this position. We currently have both full time and part time positions, with 4 more slots available. The more common tasks would be lifting , loading, packing boxes, unloading pallets, and similiar tasks.

On your extra time, or on slower days, you would be running company errands and purchasing supplies with the company credit card. Therefore, we require you, per company policy, to get a recent credit score. which we will keep on file along with a copy of your drivers license, so please have a copy of that as well. Get it here below: 

**Website information deleted, for your safety**

If for some reason you have terrible credit, we will discuss that in the interview. When you have all the neccesary documents, please email me with ONLY your phone number and a best time to reach you, then we will schedule an interview. Do not email any documents as it may have your personal information and we will only accept it in person.

If for some reason you are no longer interested in this position, please let me know so I can continue on with the hiring process. Have a good day."

Does it seem legitimate to you?

Sometimes job listings contain obvious language issues, indicating a foreign element, seems to be a recurring theme to be wary of (many instances of asking for your banking information for direct deposit, only to have your account drained or used for illegal activity.)

Here there are only a few minor spelling mistakes, some that may not be obvious even to good spellers, so nothing that would be an immediate concern.

The thing that struck me is that there is no indication of what company this is for.  It is a local ad, indicating a location in the city.  Yet, no mention of the company in the response email, kind of suspicious.  But yet, you feel because you are going to be meeting in person, everything is fine right?

So, a person would prepare and click the link.  The link brings you to a very professional looking website which helps you access all three of your credit scores for free! We've all heard of this, no reason not to do it, right?  You are required to bring your credit score information in when you meet them, because you will be using their credit card for errands.  Makes sense.

Guess what!?  The information that you enter.... Name, address, social security number.... it isn't going to a legitimate source!  It is going to be used against you - to steal your identity!  There is no job!

It is sad to think that in this economy, scams are being built around job openings, but they are!  Beware!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Photography Hint for the Holidays!

Just in time for the holidays, I have a simple photography tip for you!  ZOOM IN!
You can really capture the feeling of your subjects when you don't include all the exterior things going on.  Sometimes those items are essential to the subject matter, but usually you want to focus on your subjects.
In this photo you really focus on the happiness of my beautiful sister, Traci and her new husband, Greg!

 In this photo, the subjects are still beautiful and it might be important to get a shot with the bike, but it just doesn't portray the same feelings that the zoomed in photo does. So, remember to focus on the people you love this holiday season! Merry Christmas!