Saturday, January 9, 2010

How to return a Christmas Gift:

1. Pretend to love it. (By the way, this is not referring to ANY Christmas gifts that I have received; I truly do love them all!)
2. Keep it in the packaging and keep all tags attached.
3. Think about where they probably purchased it, but be embarrassed to ask.
4. Think about the gift on your next ten trips to any stores and scout out the source.
5. Keep forgetting to bring it along.
6. Remember to put it by the door so that you can grab it next time you go to the store.
7. Keep forgetting to grab it.
8. Finally, remember to put it in the car, so that it is there!
9. When at the store next time, forget it in the car.
10. Make a special trip back to the car.
11. Go to customer service.
12. Get told that it was about forty dollars before Christmas but with all the after Christmas discounts and no receipt, they will only give you a five dollar store credit!
13. Decide to regift it.
14. Wonder if they regifted it to you.
15. Put a post-it note on it so you don't forget who gave it to you.
16. Keep rethinking whether you should really regift it or maybe donate it.

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