Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Definition of Mania - My blog name

I have a confession. When I named this blog, I didn’t really realize what the definition of mania was. It fits though; let me explain.

I thought that mania would be all-encompassing, like lots and lots of topics. This is still true. Because I love so very much about this world and all the things it encompasses, I want to discuss everything and anything!

[mey-nee-uh, meyn-yuh]

1. excessive excitement or enthusiasm; craze: ex. The country has a mania for soccer.
2. Psychiatry . manic disorder.
1. an ancient Roman goddess of the dead.

a combining form of mania (megalomania); extended to mean “enthusiasm, often of an extreme and transient nature,” for that specified by the initial element (bibliomania).

I am a bit crazy, so it fits! I get overly excited about many things. I get really excited and passionate about things that I really enjoy doing, like art! I get excessively enthusiastic about my career and devoting huge blocks of time to accomplishing those goals! I also give raving crazed outbursts of opinion to everyone around me! You haven’t seen this on this blog yet, but my family and friends know that I am quite opinionated and vocal! I want to share these things with you. I have been told that this is not a good idea. For the sake of my career and such… “they” feel that I should not use this blog as a soapbox. I have written blog entries and not posted them. I want to share my feelings. This is the fight that I am waging with myself. I thought that I would let you know that I think about you, my reader, and I think that I want to share. So… I will probably be writing… writing about my local school system, current congressional issues, touchy parenting issues, and things that may be considered to controversial for some of the people that care about me. I hope that you will look at these things that I share with you as a woman gone a little mad for the few minutes while I am typing and then assume that I really am normal once I vent. Whatever normal is… if there is such a thing. Maybe I should look that word up too! Stay tuned!

Oh, and the goddess part of the defination... oh yes, that's me!!  But not of the dead...  Goddess of the very excited living!

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