Wednesday, May 5, 2010

~Decorated & Altered~ Memo Boards - Tutorial

These magnetic dry-erase memo boards are fun and easy to make!  I made all four of these in one afternoon!
Secret: Read all the way through to discover my mistake!
Here's how I made these, however feel free to use your own ideas and whatever you have on hand.  I started with 12x12 memo boards that were on sale at my local craft store.  The frames were an unusual reddish wood-tone that I didn't like.  I didn't want a stark white with the white memo board either though.  So, I taped off the inside with paper and spray painted them all a nice cream color.  Since most of my office accessories are cream and black with dashes of red, I thought this would be a perfect start.  Can you guess which one I am keeping for me?

While the paint was drying, I made the magnets. I used buttons or brads for the centers. some were layered with a couple of prima flowers. Make sure to do the brads before you glue them onto the magnets. I then glued the flowers to the magnets. I used heavy-duty magnets ( 3/4" diameter) because I wanted to make sure they were good and strong! I had a bit of a problem with the bigger brads; the magnets wanted the brads to go to the side, so I just had to hold them for a bit longer than I would have liked until they started to dry.  I used 527 multi-use glue for the magnets because I was told that worked well.  And it did.

I actually would suggest letting the magnets and the paint sit overnight, but I was anxious to continue on...

I used rub-ons in the upper left corner of each.  A different one, depending on who it was for!  I also added some little accessories here and there, like the corner embellishments and the epoxy flower stickers.  The rub-ons actually work really well with the board.  If you are like me, sometimes rub-ons don't agree with me and they did this time!

On the bottom right-hand corner I added a few more things.  I took two ribbons and made a bow out of the two of them together.  This looked especially nice with one of the ribbons being organza. I glue-dotted some more flowers with buttons and brads. I stamped some swirly rubber stamp designs and added a tag or another embellishment.... and wahla!!  Instant (or not so instant) gifts!!

Oh, yes, my mistake.  I did promise to reveal that secret, didn't I?
Well, you are going to want to pay attention when you begin.  I just worked away at these without realizing there is an up side and a down side!!  On the back, there are hanging brackets in a certain way.  Needless to say, mine are on the side or bottom ........Urggghhh

I hope you enjoy this tutorial, please leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

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  1. Hi Jeanne, great tutorial. I just wanted to let you know that I got the goodies today. Awesome give-away. Thanks again. :)


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