Monday, May 24, 2010

An Ancient Plum Tree (correction)

A plum tree has been discovered! I've lived here eight years and did not know this tree existed. This year, I've walked my ten acres more than I have in the entire eight years that I have lived here. My honey discovered this one though!
The span of the branches is massive. The entire thing was covered in blooms. It was absolutely gorgeous. The trunk is weathered and many, many roots are showing. I don't know much about these trees, but I can tell that it is quite old.
It really is beautiful and I was able to capture a number of adorable photographs of the spring blooms. In autumn, it will be exciting to see all the plums and determine what to do with them.
**Correction** August 2010 - Ok, so I was told it was a plum tree and it is not - it is a crab apple tree!  Bummer for me (jam and jelly considerations) but still adorable and interestingly old!

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  1. Those are beautiful. I used to in a house beside a grove of those. They were breathe taking when they were in bloom. But I had to watch out for all the bees, lol.


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