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Pen - Pencil - Marker Storage Ideas - Blog Hop!

Pen - Pencil - Marker Storage Ideas
I have so many ideas when it comes to storage of pens, pencils, and markers!  I hope some of these ideas can help you transform your space and make things more convenient for you.  There are some things to take into consideration when deciding what will work for you.
I believe the main issues are:
Displayed vs. Put Away ~ (Do you work better when your area is free from clutter or do you feel that everything must be visible?)
Vertical vs. Horizontal ~ (Do you believe that pens work better if stored horizontally or vertically? - some manufacturers are specific)
Quantity ~ (A cup full or a file cabinet full)

Portability ~ (Do you travel to crops or with friends often, or do you work at home?)

You don't need to spend a lot of money to make a really attractive storage solution.  Some of the best ideas are dollar store finds or reuse ideas!

I believe that everything looks better if it is containerized... so, if you decide to use cups or vases or glass jars, you may want to containerize them further such as with a basket, box, old drawer, or tray (such as a dresser tray or serving tray) - This also makes your entire collection much more portable!

Just walk through your home or a dollar store...any container has the potential to hold your writing utensils...
Think about paint, paper, fabric, decoupage, trim, stamp, splatter, play with a cut-off cereal box, cups, shoe boxes, sauce jars or cans, plastic bins, or vases.
How about taking a variety of garage sale vases and plant pots and spray painting them all the same matching color and putting them on a mirrored tray - now fill with colorful markers!!

Ikea has a fabulous set that includes a rod with hanging buckets that works fabulously.

Even a brochure holder can be used to containerize your pens, pencils, or markers!
You can even make a pen holder from old diskettes!

Large cookie jars and canisters make a dramatic statement filled with colorful markers or highlighters or colored pencils.
TV Clicker Caddy (Clear) (6 1/2"W x 5"D x 5 1/2"H)Valspar 007.0060689.000 Empty 1 Gallon Paint CanChinese Carry Out Lamp Yellow LampPerfect Sense Drawer Organizer 
How about using a TV remote caddy, mini-paint cans or various Chinese carry-out boxes?  Or a sock compartment from a dresser?  
Totally Bamboo Expandable Utility Drawer OrganizerProdyne M-935 Chromed Metal Flatware CaddyPicnic Plus Veranda Utensil Caddy
Or a silverware drawer organizer?  Or a picnic table silverware caddy?

I was lucky!  I found a store pen display rack at my local scrapbook store when they were going out of business.  I covered the top and bottom with some of my favorite scrapbooking papers.  I stamped "PLAY" on it and wah-lah!!

Plano 3600 Size Prolatch with Adjustable DividersPlastic Organizer Boxes -Document Design -Set of 5 - by Whitmor - 6211-491-5 (Multi) (3 1/4"H x 9"W x 12"L)Akro-Mils 09514 CFT 14-Inch Plastic Art Supply Craft Storage Tool Box, Semi-Clear

There are many different plastic organizers that can be used.  Think clear plastic shoe boxes, Rubbermaid containers, and plastic bins.
Household Essentials ML-9195 Rectangular-Shaped Woven-Willow Basket, Set of 4Household Essentials ML-6012 Woven-Maize Rectangular-Shaped Baskets with Wood Handles, Set of 3Pioneer 4-1/2 Inch by 8 Inch by 11-1/2 Inch Photo Storage Box, Assorted Designs
Pioneer Jumbo Scrapbook Storage Box, BlackThe Capri 50 Cigar HumidorVaultz Locking Pencil Box, 1.875 Height x 7.75 Width x 4.5 Depth Inches, Black with Chrome Accents (VZ01479)

Baskets, photo boxes, pencil cases, and cigar boxes make great horizontal storage.

Wonderful details on how Trudee from split coast stampers stores her Copic markers along with great ideas on how to keep track of your colors is available on her blog.

Spectrum 48010 Bordeaux Wine Rack, 3-Bottle, Black36 Bottles Modular Hardwood Wine Rack (6 bottles x 6 shelves) 

Any wine rack makes a great storage for pens, pencils, and markers; Just add glasses or cans instead of wine bottles!

Cubes, office rotary spinners, and Office Supply sources are general multipurpose ideas. 
Acrylic or plastic drawers always work well.  
Rolling Carts with Mini-Drawers are excellent options if you have many, many writing utensils.

Isn't this a gorgeous and innovative idea?  Kristen Troyer has a fabulous idea made from pvc pipe that her father helped create!
Tami McBeath shows off the Color Cubbie; a new solution by a friend.
Artbin has a bunch of really neat storage solutions.
What if you have a lot of pens!  Maybe you need to store them in a file cabinet, file box, or entire drawer!

Mister art has a zip up pencil pouch that is fun and expandable!

Dick Blick has a very reasonably priced solution here.

This spinning tray from mister art could be a lot of fun to fill and bright red too!

Expandable Copic Marker Rack – How fun... collect away!!

How simple is this idea from re-nest?

I like these 12x12 storage boxes - they hold a lot and my goal is to fill each with different things.  Different embellishments etc.  I actually like the snap closure ones better but this gives you an idea.  They are clear, portable, and stack well!
More Ideas:
Do you remember the vase that I decorated for valentines day?  This makes a cool pencil holder!
A fabric/canvas/nylon roll-up storage system is convenient and portable.  These typically have slots for individual items.

You could easily use a 6 pack beer or wine cooler package; use the way it is or recover with your special designs.

Sometimes the original cases are the best and you just want to store them all in a drawer.

A bunch of used grocery store sauce bottles inside of a basket!  You could tie ribbons around these to make them cute!
Most large scrapbooking totes have great marker organizers built in with the elastic that holds them individually.

A tackle box or tool box that you already have might be just what you want.
Even an old mismatched shoe or boot can hold some miscellaneous items!
Any number of similar sized objects, like paint cans, cups, or tin cans can be glued together and stacked on their sides for horizontal storage!
I found a square bucket with ice cream and not having seen a square one before, really felt that it had to be purchased! For storage reasons of course, but I did eat the ice cream too! It would work nicely!
Various boxes - cereal boxes, pasta boxes, cookie boxes, etc... can be taken and cut off at the appropriate height and taped together, spray painted or wrapped with your favorite scrapbooking or wrapping paper and used for pen storage.  These could be used for horizontal or vertical storage depending on the boxes you choose.
Cups are a traditional pencil cup solution.  You could use the plastic dollar store cups that you actually get a few for a dollar and they are colorful.  The traditional  coffee mugs can be used, it's a great way to display any that are sentimental.

If you have a bulletin board near your desk, you can pin a carpenter pouch or sewn dishtowel to the bottom of the board and fill it up.
Metal wall vases make cute containers for a few pens or pencils that you want to hang near by an area.  Maybe next to your phone or door.
This blog post is part of an organizational blog hop for scrapbooking supplies!  Please continue on to the other participants and leave a comment at each one (including here!) and let us know what you think! Thanks for visiting and being a part of our blog hop!

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    WOWZER!!! Lots of terrific ideas! So many different ways to store your writing utenstils! Absolutely fabulous!!

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  4. I just LOVE the cookie jar! Markers and pens are my weakness - as in my husband won't even let me near any office stores anymore because I come home with 2 of each color. So they really are like my "sweet addiction" hehehe! Thanks for that!

  5. Wow! So many options! Thanks so much for your research!

  6. Oh my, you have some of the best organizational ideas that I've seen I especially love those frugal ideas where you used recycled products. I have tons of pens and pencils so I'm going to be using bunches of your ideas. I know the blog hop is over but am just now finally able to get on line to check it out. Thanks so much for being a part of this totally original blog hop.

    Gayle Taylor

  7. You have some great ideas|! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Great ideas! I even found me one!! I am going to go the PVC pipe route!! LOVE IT!! I have the perfect spot for it too!!


  9. I am so glad that you are all enjoying this post! It was definitely fun to coordinate all my ideas for writing utensils into one post! You are all very sweet! Check back soon, I will be doing a giveaway before Mother's Day!

  10. wow! i love ALL the ideas! absolutely super!

  11. I have two pencil boxes for some special pens and have been using a plastic bucket LOL. Thank you I love the pvc idea but I'll use crystal light containers.

  12. What wonderful eye candy! Thank you for sharing so many fun ideas for organizing pens, markers, etc. I borrowed my storage solution from my friend! I have a plastic 3 drawer unit that is made for a desk. The top drawer has my Tombow markers and Copic Sketch markers. The second has all my gel pens. The third drawer has my Bic Mark-It's. It's the BEST storage solution I have found for me.
    Angel Hugs,

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    Jeanne, you've posted some FABULOUS ideas here - thanks for sharing and participating in the blog hop with us!

    I'm hosting a collage sheet giveaway all during May - please stop by and join in the fun!


  14. WOW! what an array of ideas!! I'm sure that I can find one out of all those that will work for me. Thanks, for all the ideas.

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  18. For some reason the filing cabinet looks like it would work for me. I never thought to store pens there.

  19. Hi, Great ideas here! I'm really interested in the "Tami McBeath Color CUbbies"! Where can I get the cubbies pictured?!

  20. Wow! This is great to get the creative juices flowing. I have two kids who share a small art space and have 4 mismatching containers overflowing with markers, pencils and pens of all thicknesses. Shopping store by store is slow and unproductive. I think I'll make a custom organizer from PVC pipe. They can decorate it or give me some ideas for a design they would both like. Thanks for the inspiration and a cheap solution to a long time annoying problem.

  21. very nice idea!!!
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  22. you can also store pens and other writing and colouring stuff in a childrens lunch box.

  23. you can also store pens and other writing and colouring stuff in a childrens lunch box.

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