Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's Day Vase - Tutorial

This was a fun & simple project and the result is stunning!
You could fill this vase with candies, red and pink marbles, flowers or any number of cool valentine's ideas.

You will need:
A Vase - I used a simple, inexpensive rectangle vase from Target.
Candies - or marbles or whatever you are going to fill it with.
Ribbon -I used dark red with white dots. Or use plain red or one with words on - like "I love you"!     
Rub-on or vinyl stickers with your desired design - This could be a simple scripted "Love" - I used a couple of the rub-ons from the fancy-free collection by fancy pants design.
A Glue Dot.

Tie the ribbon tightly around the bottom of the vase and secure with a glue dot.  Position the rub-on in the desired position and hold in place while you rub the entire design to the vase.  Do not remove the top layer of the rub-on until it is completely secure.  Lift the top layer slowly, if any design stays on the top layer, carefully lay the top back down and continue rubbing until the entire design is in place.  I used two separate rub-ons for my design but just one simple vinyl sticker or rub-on would look elegant.  Now, fill it up and you are done!
Super Simple!

Simple & Classy!

The ribbon with words on it was my original idea with a more simple rub-on but I couldn't locate the rub-on that I had planned to use.  Someone make one like that and show me your creation!  Actually, show me any versions that you decide to make, I would love to see it!

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