Monday, February 1, 2010

Daily Deals are FUN!

Even if I never buy anything, Daily Deals are Fun!!  Have you seen these websites?

You can check these websites each day to see what the new bargain is...

Just like you never know what you will find on this blog from day to day, you never know what you will find at a steal of a deal each day on these websites!

So…  Here are some links for some common ones, some not so common, and some specialty ones, and just for added measure, I’ve thrown in some that are weekly deals.

General and Special Daily Deals:
Target’s Daily Deal
Razor Dog Deal’s Deal of the Day (on the right-hand side of the screen)
Daily Deal’s Deal of the Day
Amazon Daily Deals

Ebay’s Daily Deal
Daily Memories Deal

LTD Commodities Deal of the Week (Weekly Deal – Scroll down to the bottom of the page)
REI’s Deal of the Week (Weekly Deal for the Sports Minded)

A Couple Sites that have a “Popularity” list of Daily Deals:
Zero Day Deals (You can click on the top bar to choose daily deals or weekly deals)
Deal Sucker

For my boys (this proves I’m cool!):
The Xbox Live Deal of the Week

For all of my Artsy Friends, who have been waiting ever-so-patiently for me to do something-anything (I promise there is lots more coming!) crafty:

Peachy Cheap’s Today’s Deal

Scrapbook Steal’s Daily Steal

Crafty Steal’s Hot New Steal

All My Memories Steal of the Week (Weekly Deal)

**I do believe this is the most extensive crafting daily deals list I’ve seen anywhere!! ENJOY!!**

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  1. Sorry all! I had some issues with my links on this posting, all should be good now! Let me know if you have any problems!


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