Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fabulous Daily Deal Site - My FAVORITE So Far!

This new site that I found is simply fabulous!  You will love it!  What makes them different is that like groupon, you get a certificate or a one-time-use code when you purchase or within a day.  You don't have to know what you want right now, you can buy it whenever you have browsed that vendors site and decided what you want.  Unlike groupon, it doesn't tend to be eating places and local entertainment.  It is typically very useful items like... vitamins, nail polish, kitchen gadgets, handbags, flowers, electronics, bedding, decor, etc.  These deals also tend to be very inexpensive, often under $10.... So... here you go...It's dealpulp!  
Update 2/2015:  This website does not appear to be online any longer.  Sorry.

I hope you enjoy this daily deal site as much as I do!

Remember that if you want to see all of the fun daily deals that I have found:
Just click on daily deals in the topic cloud on the left side, down just a bit and it will bring up all the entries that I have made on that topic!

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